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10 Tourist Destinations For Honeymoon

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  1. hanoiimperial

    hanoiimperial Thượng đế

    It's wasted if you do not start the lives couple with a romantic vacation with just two people, love and nature. Hanoi Imperial Hotel is pleased to recommend you 10 destinations for honeymoon the following:


    1. Phu Quoc
    From Ho Chi Minh City travel about 40 minutes, then come to Phu Quoc, Vietnam's largest island. It has beautiful beaches, fresh natural and wild and unexpected.

    2. Dalat
    Known as the city of love flowers, Da Lat with the cold was enough to make the young couple to each other's warmth.

    3. Nha Trang
    Nha Trang is an ideal place for the two of you immersed in the blue waters of the sea, explore the traditional culture of the Cham ... At this point you can rent a canoe or sailboat Hon Tam, Hon Tre located not far from the shore.

    4. Sapa
    By connecting to Sapa in winter-spring, you will admire the beauty of the forests flaming red train, running in O Quy Ho Pass. Mountains are terraced fields picturesque. If you are lucky you will see snow ...

    5. Tam Dao
    Just 2 days off, you can have an enjoyable honeymoon specialist in this haze peaks. Tam Dao cool climate, clouds roaming problems at the feet of the ...

    6. Halong Bay
    With more than 1,000 large and small islands, Ha Long has just poetic grandeur. Ha Long Mountain where shrinking, with room to unfurl ramparts different shape.

    7. Ho Ba Be
    For couples interested in exploring, in good health and time. Ba Be Lake is surrounded by blocks of limestone. Around the lake, outside the tropical forest there are many beautiful caves.

    8. Phan Thiet
    If you do not have much time, Mui Ne - Hon Rom (Phan Thiet) is exciting place for your honeymoon. Road to Rom of green lush coconut groves. But fine golden sand dunes hug the foot. Hon Rom Beach clean, warm and sunny all year round.

    9. Bach Ma
    About 60 km from the city of Hue, Bach Ma is a mist green space, the sound of water rushing waterfall pouring Rhododendron and purple flowers blooming roadside.

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  2. PAnh

    PAnh Thượng đế

    Hi hanoiimperial, the picture is nice, will we have decorate like this if guests are honeymooners at your hotel?
  3. hanoiimperial

    hanoiimperial Thượng đế

    Yes, sure P.A
  4. PAnh

    PAnh Thượng đế

    oh, very nice, if guests are honeymooners, I think they will enjoy it very much!
  5. travelworld

    travelworld Thượng đế

    it's very nice, i never to Bach Ma, but i think have time i will come

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