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10th International Travel Expo opens in HCMC

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    The 10th International Travel Expo – Ho Chi Minh City (ITE HCMC 2014) themed “Five nations – One Destination” officially opened in HCM City on September 10.


    Addressing the opening ceremony, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Hoang Tuan Anh said the expo has affirmed its important role and prestige as one of Viet Nam’s leading national tourism events.

    Minister Hoang Tuan Anh expressed hope that the event will be expanded on a large scale with better quality and become a regional important event, which provides a foundation for further cooperation within the five Mekong-sub region nations.

    The event also highlighted the great efforts by the Mekong-sub region nations to develop tourism into a competitive economic sector.

    On the occasion, the organizing board also presented the Mekong Tourism Alliance Award (MTAA 2014) to businesses that have made outstanding contribution to the tourism sector.

    This year’s event has attracted ministers of five nations under the Mekong-sub region and mayors of Phnom Penh, Vientiane, Yangon and Bangkok as well as nearly 200 international consumers from over 30 nations and territories in the world.

    Source: VOV

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