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Apartment for rent in District 1, HCMC

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    Location: Ben Chuong Duong street, District 1, HCMC

    Rental: US$ 800/month (please call our Hotline for updated rent)

    Leasing area: 92m2

    Living room: 1

    Kitchen: 1

    Bedroom: 2

    Bathroom: 2

    Amenities: Air-conditioning system

    Elevator system

    TV cable

    Internet connection

    Parking basement

    Security 24/24

    The apartment for rent in District 1 hcmc, which is convenient for tenants to transfer to districts nearby as well as to receive many qualified services provided around the property. Moreover, tenants can enjoy the panoramic scenery brought from high view towards outside after stressful working hours.

    It also represents for the modern lifestyle designed carefully and specially only for customers who wish for a perfect and healthy lifestyle as well as an accommodating living space.

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