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Apartment Hotel - 15 studio Apartments for rent in BẮC NINH 2016

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    ROSANA Staffs

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    We would like to give you our warmest greeting and wish you a good health, happiness. Wishing you every success and development also !

    Rosana Apartment Hotel wishes to send the most sincerely thanks all the customers who have been with us as a companion and also support all the products and services that our hotel is offering.
    No. 16, Bui Xuan Phai street (Kinh Bac 27 street, old name), Kinh Bac ward, Bac Ninh city, Bac Ninh province.
    Tel: 0241 6275 795 ; Mobile: 091 628 3628 (Mr. Thanh)
    0906 261 263 (Ms. Nhung - Rose)
    Email: ;
    Our hotel is located in a quiet and well planned area near Bac Ninh central business district. It has a total of 15 elegantly appointed rooms, all with a kitchen It is opposite a new and spacious 4,300 m2 park. Within 0.5-1 km radius, there are supermarkets (e.g. DABACO supermarket on Ly Thai To boulevard), shops, restaurants (fast-food, local and also Korean, Japanese restaurants), cafes, banks, karaoke bars, massage parlors, ...

    There is a traditional market called Chợ Đọ (Đọ market), about 500m from the hotel.
    This is also an expatriate area in Bac Ninh.

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