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Big Kahuna Slot Series easy game online for people gambling

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    Big Kahuna Slot Series

    The Big Kahuna slots are a two part slot game series the first being the Big Kahuna slot which was launched by Microgaming over a decade ago. Whilst not the most exciting slot in the world to play this early example of a Malaysia online casino video slot does have a fairly simple game play structure.

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    It boasts 9 paylines which are spread over its five reels and with up to 5 coins on each pay line possible this makes a maximum bet spin 2.25 when coin settings are set at the minimum permitted (0.05).

    You can of course adjust the coin settings upwards and the maximum permitted coin voin per line spinalue is 0.50 which equates to a maximum wager of 22.50. The Big Kahuna slot has a top prize of some 8000 coins based on a one c, or 40,000 coins if playing maximum coins per line.

    The Big Kahuna slot does not boast any free spins rounds but what it does offer is two basic picking style rounds and these are the Volcano Bonus and the Mask Bonus rounds. A standard Wild and a Scatter symbol are also in use on this slot.

    The second slot game in this series is the Big Kahuna Snakes and Ladders slot which is a 5 reel, 15 pay line slot on which you can choose to play up to 20 coins on each activated pay line, the coin levels are adjustable from 0.01 up to and including 0.25 so it will appeal to both high and low rollers alike.

    The Big Kahuna slot has two different Malaysia online casino bonus feature rounds the first is a randomly awarded free spins round where you are awarded 5 free spins which play out on an x2 multiplier.

    The second bonus round is the most exciting and this is based on the game of snakes and ladders, once triggered you must roll the dice aiming to get as high up the board as you can, the further you progress the more you stand to win.

    There are of course snakes on the board and landing on the head of one of them will mean you move back down the board, the ladders will let you rise upwards should you land on the base of any of them.

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    The Big Kahuna Slot is one of the original Malaysia online casino bonus video slots found in the Microgaming download gaming suite, this excellent and very easy to play slot machine malaysia has stood the test of time and offers a fast paced playing style and a couple of picking games are thrown in for good measure.

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