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Central region fine arts exhibition opens in Da Nang

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    More than 240 outstanding paintings, sculptures and graphics works are on display at an exhibition that began in Da Nang city on August 18.


    The 18th South Central and Central Highlands Fine Arts Exhibition is one of the activities to celebrate the 68th anniversary of the August Revolution and National Day on September 2.
    The exhibition features 85 outstanding pieces created by members of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association. The remaining others are produced by local artists.

    All works have been created within the last 12 months. They have not yet made their public debut.

    President of the Da Nang City Fine Arts Association Nguyen Trong Dung said the exhibition is an event of significance as it takes place at a time when Da Nang is celebrating the 10th year since it was recognised as a first-grade city in 2003.

    The pieces on display aim to showcase the rapid changes and remarkable achievements of regional localities, especially Da Nang city.

    The exhibition will run until August 27.


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