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CoYen Restaurant

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  1. lemon tea

    lemon tea GM

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    CoYen Restaurant - the Soul of Authentic cuisine in the heart of Hanoi.

    Hanoi delicacies are the harmonious combination and fine sublimation between authentic food of capital land and cross-culture, refined sophistication from regions to create an identity of Hanoi elegant and rich flavor culinary.


    At CoYen Restaurant, gourmets not only can enjoy elegant and seductive menu created by Giang Van Thuy, a talented chef who have many years of experience in the position of the executive chef in one of the worldwide five star hotels in Hanoi but also to experience the cultural and attentive, thoughtful service of business philosophy "affirm the prestige and bring the subtle feeling for each customers', made by the founder and owner of Maison D'Hanoi Group - Madame Yen, a skillful Hanoi business woman with sincere love for job.


    Located near-by Hoan Kiem Lake, right in the heart of Hanoi, Co Yen Restaurant features a unique contemporary architectural elegance which combines in harmony with exquisite looks and nostalgia of the old town atmosphere. In addirional to that, the heart - touched interior design and layout made by the talented young designer Nguyen Trong Hieu makes customer always feel immersed in memories of Hanoi ancient and contemporary rhythms of tingle integration time.

    Not merely a fascinating culinary address, CoYen Restaurant also hosts cookery programs conducted by 5 star chefs.

    CoYen Restaurant, the memorable and impressive dining experience for all those who even once in Hanoi, for Hanoi lovers, for those who were born and raised, belong to each ancient Thang Long corner.

    CoYen Restaurant, soul food of thousand - year capital land in the heart of each Hanoi people and all walk of like connoisseurs.


    ĐC: 99 Hang Gai Str., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam
    Tel: 84-4 3926 4999
    Fax: 84-4 3942 4426


    Admin - Vietnam Hotel Forum
  2. huynhthi965

    huynhthi965 Staffs

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