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Discover Vietnam tour Buon Ma Thuot

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    You can have a trekking trip through the ethnic villages which are surrounded by peaceful and fresh nature. You can also visit Ban Don Village where wild elephants are still being domesticated and enjoy an adventure with an elephant ride through the green forest. That is Buon Ma Thuot – the city of elephant.


    Buon Ma Thuot or Ban Me Thuat of Vietnam is located deep in the Central Highlands, about 360 km from Sai Gon. Buon Ma Thuot by far is relatively off the beaten track. Buon Ma Thuot is the capital city of Dak Lak Province of Vietnam and the "capital city of the Vietnamese coffee". But the area is certainly worth the trip.

    The local minority villages are also great for elephant rides. Elephants can also be found in the wild at nearby Yok Don National Park, at 58,200 hectares, Vietnam's largest. Don village is the gateway to the park. Elephant rides are available for a few hours or a few days from local mahouts. However, tours are quite expensive. See information Vietnam tour Buon Ma Thuot at

    Surrounding waterfalls worth a visit include Drai Sap, Draylon, Drayling and Draynor Waterfalls. The best are found at Drai Sap, and often appear on Vietnam postcards and calendars. About 12 km from Buon Ma Thuot, the falls aren't particularly tall but are expansive and dramatic. It's tempting to swim in the river pools formed at the base of these falls - and many folks do take the plunge - but the surrounding and submerged rocks are jagged and treacherous. It's easy to get yourself quite cut up.

    Buon Ma Thuot offers the travelers the fresh nature beauty characterized by temperate climate, waterfalls, rivers, lakes and national parks. Buon Ma Thuot is home the number of ethnic minorities of which the century-old traditions are well kept. Traveling in this area the visitor should not miss a memorable night sharing the traditional dance with a local ethnic group by the fire. Now you can establish Vietnam tour on yourself. Please asked us your question if you want, we always travel with you.

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