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Fields of charming napa cabbage flowers in Moc Chau

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    Hanoi is in the top ten most favourite places for cultural tours

    Recently, the New York City based business and technology news website Business Insider has just recognized Hanoi (Vietnam) as one of the top 10 wonderful places for cultural tours all over the world.

    For travel in Vietnam. The article “10 Awsome Cultural Tours That Will Make You Feel Like A Local” also praised Mai Chau (Hoa Binh Province), which is three hours distance from the capital city of Vietnam as an ideal destination with grandiose mountains, and distinctive cultures and tradition of the local ethnic minorities: White Thai and Black Thai.


    “The best way to immerse yourself in the region is through a homestay with local families. Spend two days cycling across mountain trails and through rice fields, visit local villages and watch a cultural performance by White Thai villagers,” it continued.

    Other worthwhile destinations in this list include: Santiago (Chile), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Marrakech (Morocco), Shanghai (China), Trani (Italy), Budapest (Hungary), Lisbon (Portugal), Bordeaux (France), and Old Delhi (India).

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