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      Sébastien Laval has traveled the length and breadth of Viet Nam for the past 20 years creating a memorable photo collection that illustrates the daily lives of the country’s 54 ethnic groups.


      Laval, from Poitou Charentes region, introduced the unique photo collection to visitors at Truong Tien bridge during the Hue Festival 2014 from April 12-20.

      The installation art exhibition, featuring 62 1x1m black-and-white photos, provides viewers a fascinating glimpse into the daily lives and traditional dress of ethnic minorities of Viet Nam, capturing the interesting mix of their modern lifestyles against the backdrop of a more traditional culture.

      Laval said that since coming to Viet Nam in 1995 he has always felt a mysterious attraction to the country’s land and people in his heart.

      “This is the sixth time I have attended the biennial Hue Festival, but I have never seen such wonderful photos before,” said Le Tran Ana, a foreign visitor. “It helped me to get better understanding of Vietnamese ethnic minorities in the central highlands where I have yet been to.”

      Over the years, the French artist has organised a number of photo exhibitions on the lives and people of Viet Nam.

      “If not for my love of the people and land of Viet Nam, I would never have traveled to every part of your country and collected such amazing photos as these”, shared Laval.

      Source: VOV

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