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[FS/FSN/WU] Madness Battle for Suburbia

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    On the game: this Friday evening was rich in incident. It all started with that frail bespectacled Zach decided ohmurit school beauty queen Jennifer. Bimbo and blonde, she was not a mathematical turn of mind, and therefore agreed to take some lessons from a famous botanist of the algebra.

    But just to open Zach produced their feelings, as the doorbell rang. Otvyazny extremals dragged Andy to show off his new skate on jet propulsion. How timely! Intimate atmosphere permanently disappeared with the advent of Gothic neformalki Carrie - that demanded that Zach quickly sat down at her homework.
    Another knock sounded on the quiet requiem for adolescents - on the verge of starving crowd of monsters!
    The four characters - the only people in the whole district, which is teeming with evil offsuit: vampires, ghouls, witches and even worse ...
    Fight for survival, beat to find out what happened to the people, beat, after all, when around every corner - a monster, more simply nothing to do!

    * Hurricane force on 5 levels
    * Unreal graphics and special effects on the engine, Unreal 3 Engine
    * Realistic physics technology with the support of Ageia NovodeX Physics
    * 15 weapons and 80 parts to improve them
    * Ability to istre enemy tank and the car
    * Co-operative passage for four players over a network Intenet, LAN and hotseat


    Mã: Battle for Suburbia.part1.rar Battle for Suburbia.part2.rar Battle for Suburbia.part3.rar Battle for Suburbia.part4.rar

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