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Garden Restaurant

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    Address : 36 Hang Manh, Hanoi

    Location : West of the lake and just north of Hang Gai

    Phone : 04/3824-3402

    Web Site :

    Cuisine : Vietnamese

    PriceMain : courses 120,000 VND-150,000 VND

    The Garden Restaurant is a low-luxe, authentic Vietnamese restaurant that attracts a few tourists (and small tour groups) in the know. With cool courtyard seating and cozy inside dining, this is a good place to try real Hanoi cuisine -- stir-fries and roast dishes, as well as curries and specialties like whole fried river fish or "drunken shrimp," a dish of live prawns cooked in flaming rice whiskey and put under a cover to simmer (they flip and flop like crazy, and when they stop moving, you know the dish is done). Bring friends and settle in for a long repast. The young waitstaff are eager to practice their English and aim to please.


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