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Geological heritage for Vietnam tourism

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    From Vietnam travel news, The sustainable exploitation of natural resources, mineral resources in particular, has always been a hot issue and priority for developing countries. Among the potential solutions to this issue is the harmonization of exploitation and conservation of the national natural and geological heritage to promote tourism.

    According to UNESCO, geological heritage are geological sites that have outstanding scientific, educational, artistic and economic value. They include geomorphic landscapes, volcanoes, palaeographic remains, natural caves, abysses, lakes, waterfalls and places where geological processes can be viewed. Such relics cannot regenerate so they must be preserved, managed and exploited in a suitable manner.


    Despite the clear economic benefits that geological relics can bring, studying man-made geological relics is a new issue in Vietnam.
    After researching ways to utilise geological relics, and studying the experiences of foreign countries, Vietnamese geologists have proposed solutions to turn exhausted mines into geological relics for the purpose of tourism. Several mines, including Na Duong and Ha Tu coal mines, will be developed under this model.


    Located in the northern province of Lang Son, Na Duong colliery opened in 1959. During its operation, miners and scientists discovered large numbers of fauna and flora fossils with high scientific value.

    The leaders of Na Duong mining company have said they will make it a tourism spot after exploiting the coal. The company has located dumping grounds, planted trees and collected fossils for a future geological museum.
    In the next 30 years, following the end of mining activities in Na Duong, the site will become an impressive ecological tourism site where visitors can enjoy the natural beauty and learn about geological development when travel in Vietnam.

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