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Great Blue slot game – great tips to win easily

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    Great Blue slot game – great tips to win easily

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    Great Blue slot is known by its famous when attracting so many people like and want to try at least one time. With exciting rewards and the easy way to play, Great Blue slot game is one of the popular games until nowadays. If you are looking for a great game to play, Great Blue will not let you down.


    Among hundreds of online game today, products of Playtech are always liked the most and Great Blue slot is one of them. Let’s imagine that you can earn up to $200.000 even $400.000. How wonderful! Indeed, with Great Blue slot, your dream will come true. Wild symbol is huge Whales, and if you collect 5 whale symbols, you get prize is $200.000. Your win will be doubled up to $400.000 if you win the gamble feature of this slot game. This feature is described with 2 cards in red color and black color. Your win will depend on your luck. If color of the card you chosen match with color of card the system chosen, you will be winner.

    Great Blue slot game is not hard to play, the important thing is you need to have detailed strategies. Below are some tips you can apply when playing Great Blue slot game.

    At first, do not miss the times of free play. You have to know that playing for free will help you a lot of real play progress. By playing free, not only you can get understandings about all the game but you also can practice and improve your skills.

    The second, to ensure you do not miss any prizes, you should wager all 25 pay lines. This not means you have to bet a lot of money. You just need to wager a little but device into 25 pay lines. If you used to play any other betting games, you absolutely know that there are a lot of winning symbols which are on lines you not bet, and you cannot get them. That is the reason why you should bet for all lines.

    The third, if you do not want to lose money uselessly when playing Great Blue slot game, you need to limit your bank account at a certain amount and do not allow lose over. You also need to build your bankroll. Let’s choose comfortable coin sizes as well as pay attention to normal symbols which can get prizes from easily to build your bank account. With normal symbols as Shark, Shell or Clam, you can also get amazing prizes up to 1000 coins.

    The last, you have never missed any bonus rounds. Let’s get more and more them as possible. These bonuses will increase your opportunity of winning. And keep in mind that be comfort and fun when playing Great Blue slot as well as any kinds of games.

    Wish you can play the best Great Blue slot game as possible with above tips. Let’s enjoy now and explore the exciting ocean.

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