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Green Globe Certification for Movenpick’s Vietnam hotels

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    The Movenpick Hotel Hanoi and the Movenpick Hotel Saigon, owned by Movenpick Hotels and Resorts, have become the first hotel in Vietnam to receive Green Globe certification recognising their significant environmental, social, and cultural preservation efforts.

    The two hotels were audited according to 337 criteria spanning customer satisfaction, water consumption, waste management, energy use, community commitment, and internal training.


    “The hospitality industry is a large consumer of energy and other resources. The Movenpick Hanoi aims to reduce its consumption through the use of basic measures such as energy efficient lighting, water consumption reduction, and a better management of waste and chemicals,” said Movenpick Hotel Hanoi General Manager Philip Jones.

    He promised the hotel’s management board will set specific objectives and monitor progress as part of its efforts to fulfill the “Green Globe” programme.

    The Green Globe Certification is internationally renowned as an indicator of sustainable tourism. It affirms Movenpick Hotels and Resorts’ commitment to operating in an economically, environmentally, and socially responsible manner.

    Movenpick Hotel Saigon General Manager Craig Smith stressed the chain’s initiatives are designed to foster a social conscience beyond its staff. It asks “our customers, partners, suppliers, and the community to join hands with us to make a better world”. For good information, the travel tourist to have peace of mind when travel in Vietnam.

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