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Hang Buom Cuisine Street inaugurated

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    The 300m long Hang Buom Street in Ha Noi’s Old Quarter has been made a cuisine street, serving Ha Noi traditional confectionery and beverage and some European and Asian dishes to visitors to the night market along the Hang Dao- Dong Xuan route.


    The inauguration of the Hang Buom Food Street on September 19 aimed at introducing the cultural space of the Old Quarter to visitors and adding to the services at the site, one of the popular tourist attractions in Ha Noi.

    On its opening day, the 40 stalls along the street attracted a large number of tourists who were delighted to taste the food.

    The Dong Xuan Joint Stock Company has invested in infrastructure for the food street and coordinated with local authorities to ensure the environmental sanitation and public security in the street.

    The food street will operate on a trial basis three nights a week at the weekend for three months.

    Source: VNA

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