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Hanoi Victory Hotel - The best hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter

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    Newly opened from 2011, Hanoi Victory Hotel is brand new boutique hotel in Hanoi, situated of the heart of Hanoi Old Quarter. The Hanoi Victory Hotel is a boutique 3 star hotel that offers elegant rooms including some with views of the city and large balconies. We pride ourselves on offering the best service to our customers.

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    Conveniently located in the heart of Hanoi’s ancient street, just 1 minute walk to the famous Hoan Kiem lake ( Restored Sword lake ). This strategic position makes this small hotel the ideal solution for those travelling to City of Peace for pleasure or business. Many of the main spots of architectural and cultural interest as well as the most important business and political centres can easily be reached on foot or with a short ride on taxi. Around this corner there are a great number of small Vietnamese restaurants, shops and boutiques to discover the real lifestyle of Hanoi’s people.

    Simple but elegant, Hanoi Victory Hotel is characterized by a roof bar where breakfast is served in the morning and during the day a bar lounge is at disposal of the guests. Upon entering Hanoi Victory Hotel for the first time, the guests will be surprised by the comfortable and the refined atmosphere, which will immediately give the feeling to be right at home. The furnishing is elegant with an array of light colours and extreme care has been taken with the details

    Our hotel is serviced by an elevator and all rooms have wooden floors, windows and are equipped with wood furniture in modern and luxurious style. Also all our rooms have IDD telephones, flat screen television, modern air-conditioning, mini-bar, luxurious transparent bathroom, hair dryers, free high speed internet access and Wifi. In addition all rooms have coffee and tea making facilities. Service is efficient and attentive to all needs of the guests, assuring maximum tranquillity for their stay.

    Hanoi Victory Hotel is great choice for all discerning tourists & business travelers staying at hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter. Come to our hotel you will be very satisfied with our outstanding services and the hospitality provided by a team of professional staff and management.

    We are is not first hotel in Hanoi but we are number one hotel of great value and great service hotel in Hanoi. Happy Travels.

    Tony Bui - Bui Van Huong Mr./ Sales Manager
    Mobile: +84 914 258 053 or +84 988 751 003 | Yahoo ID: hawkhuong | Skype: buihuong1982

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    [TD="width: 330, colspan: 2"] HANOI VICTORY HOTEL

    Add: No 3, Hang Quat street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam
    Tel: +84 4 3938 2666 | Fax: +84 4 3938 1917



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