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      Address : 3/F 1-3-5 Dinh Tien Hoang St, Hanoi
      Location : Across the street from north-east corner of Hoan Kiem Lake
      Phone : 04/3936-3228
      Cuisine : Cafe

      Highland's is the local version of Starbucks -- a popular place to beat the heat and have a good, strong cup of coffee. The best location is lakeside on the sixth floor of the massive wedge-shaped building that overlooks a busy traffic circle and the north end of the lake. Red couches are set up in intimate arrangements on platforms overlooking the busy anthill below: a good meeting point. Alternatively, head to their hip outdoor courtyard between the Hilton and the Hanoi Opera House (tel. 04/3933-4947). This is a great place to enjoy any kind of espresso or cappuccino, Italian sodas, snacks, sandwiches, pizzas, and good breakfasts, all while looking out over the lake or watching the hustle and flow of traffic below.


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