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Highway king slot game- The highway to wealth!

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    Read on this brand new article to understand why people say that if you are on Highway king slot, it will mean that you are on the highway to wealth.

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    Is there anything else a truck driver would like to do more than to become a Highway King? With Highway king slot game, any driver will also have a feeling like an actual king of the road on such a huge vehicle.


    1. Raise Your Winning Payout.

    This slot game has a wild and a scatter symbol that will help you rise up your winning payout if you are lucky. The retro design of this machine is quite interesting and breathtaking with bright icons of Red Truck, Green Truck, Yellow Truck, Wheel, Sparking Plug, Petrol pump, and Tires, while the sound that associates with it is modern and will take you right to the route where you will meet with some of profitable and interesting adventures. All of its features will invite you into an amazing journey with big prizes. Highway king slot game will meet most of your requirements about an online slot game. You will have a great chance to escape your boring daily routine and even earn some of good payouts in the race.

    And yet, this slot game will not able to be called ordinary or insipid. In case that you collect a definite number of Red trucks on your screen, you will have a chance to get the max win. And when a wild symbol occurs, all of the winning combination will be doubled. You are on the Highway king slot game, this means that you are on a Highway to wealth right now, so you should attempt to become a Highway King and earn as much money as you can.

    2. Spin A Winning Combo

    As mentioned above, this Highway king slot game will offer you a good chance to win by spinning a win combo. The better the combination you get, the more money you can win.

    The symbols of this slot game are the steering wheels, the tires, camions and spark plugs. Besides, the exhaust pipe is a scatter symbol. Find out a few and then try getting the extra prize.

    You are able to select among coin sizes, ranging from $0.02 to $20.00. Thus, the min bet that you can cover all of 9 lines is $0.18, and the max bet of the Highway king slot game is $180.

    Here are the jackpots in case your bet is just 1 coin per line, while your coin size is $20.00: The highest jackpot that you can win is 10,000 coins or $200,000 for 5 Wild Red Trucks. Next, the second jackpot for you will be 5,000 coins or $100,000 for 5 Wild Yellow Trucks. Finally, the third highest jackpot that you will be able to get is 1,000 coins or $20,000 for 5 Wild Green Trucks.

    The Highway king slot game is available that you can play from any smart devices such as laptop and mobile phone without any installing special software. The only thing you need is the Internet connection as well as a desire to play it. Therefore, you have no reason to deny playing it right now, and luckily, you can get some good payouts.

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