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Highway king slot, thrilling game for player to love adventure

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    Highway king slot, thrilling game for player to love adventure

    You are gamer and you find massive trucks on the intimidating highway? You want to drive one of these? Yes, Playtech bring this game to you - highway king slot, a speed game with many wonderful things. It is for you.

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    With this game, you will try the feeling of the King on open roads, make friends with many colorful trucks especially red truck. Besides, there are a lot of suitable themed symbols like dice, wheel, plug, steering wheel, containing trucks, plunger and gas pump. To get big win, all you need to do is make the right mixture. If you are a person who love the open road and high intensity, this game with big trucks and adrenaline fuelled speed on races will be a great game for you.

    You know why so many people addicted the slot game? Because highway king slot is not only big variance to explore but it is also based on the huge trucks driving on the road that many risky person like. The slot game is also very flexible. At the same time, it does not limit the number of player. So, you can invite your friends or your family’s member to enjoy with you and if anyone has won the progressive jackpot, it will not start again at the beginning. When you win big jackpot, our network will put in a base summary automatically.

    In order to enjoy highway king slot game in any styles you wish, you should know more about some basic things below:

    Pay lines: line will represent for active pay lines that appear over the reels. To activate pay lines, click Bet One button and then you will see their shape. Remember that you only win if a combination appears on an active pay line. Keep in your mind the difference between the line bet and the total bet. The amount you're betting on a single pay line will be shown by line bet and the amount you're spending in this game round will be shown by the total bet.

    Winning tables: a certain number for every hit amount for every symbol will be shown players by the tables. For example, if you have three icons in a row which start on the rightmost reel or leftmost reel (that is three hits), then, you read the number on the line "YYY" and in the column under these icons. Multiply your line bet by that number and you will reach the winning amount. If on multiple lines, you have winning combinations, add them all up to gain the winning amount. These icons have to lie consecutively, starting from the rightmost reel or leftmost reel, to qualify as hits. In this case each pay line contains two winning combinations.

    With the information above about basic things as well as theme and graphic, hope you can play this game in your styles to relax and get as much as money as you can. Good luck to you!
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