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  • Hoi An ancient town cited among 10 World Famous Canals

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      Touropia, a tourism website, has chosen Hoi An ancient town as one of the 10 World Famous Canals.


      Hoi An ranked 4th in the list, just behind Venice in Italy, Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Bruges in Belgium.

      The website reports “This fishing-village-turned-tourist-hotspot is situated on the coast of the East Sea in Viet Nam. Hoi An has been an international port from the 16th century although the serious shipping business has long since moved to the city of Da Nang. The heart of the city is still the Old Town, full of winding lanes and Chinese-styled shophouses. It is sometimes called the “Venice of Viet Nam because of the narrow canals that cut through part of the town.”

      Source: VOV

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