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Người đăng: Tuyển Dụng Khách Sạn - vào 10 Tháng 1 2017

Hoi An organizes various activities to celebrate Cultural Heritage Day

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    The People’s Committee of Hoi An City has launched the plan of organizing various activities to celebrate the Vietnamese Cultural Heritage Day (23rd November) and 14th anniversary of Hoi An ancient Town recognized as World Cultural Heritage (November 1999 – 2013).


    Hoi An City will organize activities to promote Hoi An image, raise the community’s awareness of preserving cultural heritage values and sustainable tourism development in Hoi An; discuss the management, preservation and upholding of the relic’s values with relevant agencies.

    The Hoi An Centre of Heritage Conservation and Management will hold such activities as photo exhibition on Vietnam’s natural and cultural heritage; photo gallery on “Hoi An – Old and Present City”; children’s pictures on local cultural heritage,…

    Besides, the city will also offer free tickets for tourists visiting the ancient town on December 4, organize free tours for students visiting relic sites, museums in the city.

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