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Hoi An prepares for cultural festival

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    Forty cultural events will be held during the fifth Quang Nam Heritage Festival, which runs from June 22 until June 26. The opening ceremony is set to take place at the Hoi An Opera House on Hai Ba Trung Street at 8pm on June 22.


    The festival takes place during the second UNESCO Culture and Development Week.

    It will include a World Heritage in Your hands Art contest, the launching of a new Tourism information Centre in Hoi An and the public opening of the restored My Son World Heritage site, where 60 objects recovered during the archaeological process will be presented to the public.

    On the opening day of the festival, UNESCO will join forces with the province to launch an exhibit L’UNESCO- Quang Nam: Partnership to Promote Culture for Sustainable Development.

    Other festival events to take place in the ancient town include a carnival in the old quarter and street art performances from regional artists, Elsewhere, nearly Cham Island hosts the Miss Vietnam pageant final round, while Cam Thanh eco-village will host a billing tour.


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