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Hotel in Viet Nam

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    The THIEN CHI hotel has airy terrace, its spectacle is so well-aired that you can:
    Savour a cup of tea or coffee cheerily and contemplate a night scene of CHO DAM commercial center which is one of the biggest centers in Nha Trang.
    Arrange barbecue parties with family members to be full of cosy atmosphere.
    Welcome friends and group meeting.

    Any suggestions, please give our receptionists your need; we are going to turn on the lights and equipment to serve you.


    Type A: 280,000 vnd/date, Type B: 200,000 vnd/date, Type C: 170,000 vnd/date

    Further information, please contact:
    • Hotline: 0909059921
    • Skype: thienchi.2011
    • YM!: vnnews2007
    • Email:
    Thank you for your stay at our hotel.
    Our pleasures to serve you!

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