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How can win Great Blue slot game in the easiest way play now to the win

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    How can win Great Blue slot game in the easiest way play now to the win

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    Great Blue slot game is considered as one of the most simply games that supported by Playtech – the leading online gaming supplier in the world. Millions of people like playing this slot also because it is very simple to play but can get huge prizes. But did you know the fastest and easiest way to win Great Blue slot game? This article will be the answer for you.

    People often think that this slot game does not specifically require any skills to bet because it is very simple. But in my opinion, there would be a few key tips to win Great Blue slot game in fastest and easiest way. Similar to, there are some tips that should not do when playing the fantastic game.

    As you know, Great Blue has total 25 pay lines and 5 reels allowed players can get prizes from combination on horizontal, zigzag or diagonal reels. This slot game is a lucky game, so to win by the fastest way, you have to depend on your luck as well as bonuses you have. If you want to get more and more bonus, you have to hit 3 or more clam on any spin many times. Each time of them, you will move to the bonus round as well as add 15 free spins. This has extremely important meaning. For example, when you play at a hard level, and you are very nearly the winning, but you do not have any way to get this winning. In this case, you have to use bonuses that you got in bonus round to gain the winning.

    One more way to get the winning fastest and easiest is you have to balance between goal and ability of getting. It means you should not bet what things you cannot afford to win. In this case, I suggest you should play free version to know your ability. If you too try to bet a high amount with the expectation of getting the biggest prizes, it is truly useless.

    As I have written, this slot game is a lucky game, so if you want to add more thrill and adventure for your game, let’s come to gamble feature. This is feature that only offered in Great Blue slot game that allowed players can double their winning by guessing the card’s color. There are two cards in two different colors: red and black. You and the system will give choice at the same time. If your choice matches with the choice of system, your prize will increase by 2 times. If you do not luck, the main game still continues for the next chance.

    Remember that this is only a game, so keep funny and comfort when playing Great Blue slot game. However, you have to be aware of your mood. You need to know how much you lose or win to know when should stop.

    And now, let’s join Great Blue and have break times.

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