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Hue Group City Tour By Bus

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  1. hoangphuong

    hoangphuong Thượng đế

    (By A/C Bus & Dragon Boat)
    Daily Departure

    ** Morning: 08H:30 AM Pick you up at HOTEL
    Sightseing Hue's landscapes:
    - Tu Duc Tomb.
    - Khai Dinh Tomb.
    - Minh Mang Tomb.
    - Incense Making
    & Conical Hat Village.

    ** Com back and have Lunch in Restaunt at 12h:30 PM

    ** AFTERNOON; Continuos trip & take the dragon boat back:
    - Citadel (Forbiden Palace).
    - Thien Mu Pagoda.
    - Royal Garden's Village..
    - Fishing Village.
    *** Come Back at 16h:30'.

    **** Inclusive: Lunch, A/C Bus & Dragon Boat.
    Enlish Speaking Tourist Guide.
    **** Without: Entrance fees.

    Further more information & booking please contact

    Vietnam Trip Finder
    Hue Central City – Vietnam

    Phone / Fax : +84.543.590.332
    Website :

    Email :
    Online Support: YM : alotourism or huetrip
    Skype :
    Hotline :
    +84.914.424.110 (Danis Hoang – Owner operation)

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