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  • Jetstar Pacific launches promotional deals for travelers

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      Budget carrier Jetstar Pacific has launched a series of promotional deals for travelers in Vietnam to travel to their favourite holiday locations in Asia.

      The promotion coincides with the airline’s participation in an international travel expo ongoing in Ho Chi Minh City – ITE-HCMC 2014.

      Customers visiting their pavilionat the expo from September 11-13 can get huge discounts on ticketson a wide selection of deals.

      Tickets for flights on routes from Ho Chi Minh City to Thailand start at VND199,000 and from Ho Chi Minh City to Singapore at VND299,000. For domestic routes, a ticket from Ho Chi Minh City to Buon Ma Thuat, Cam Ranh or Phu Quoc range from VND180,000 to 210,000. The Ho Chi Minh City - Hanoi fare is as low as VND580, 000.

      The airline is also giving away tickets on some international routes to lucky customers for participating in games at the airline’s booth at the expo.

      Source: VOV

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