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mua cổ phiếu rủi ro miễn phí

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    A big investing in shares. mistake made by the person starting the adventure of a lack of knowledge about its functioning. Therefore, before you go to practice, take the time to get at least a general knowledge of marketing. Read all about cycles, the rules of buying and selling, and other issues described for novice investors. Where to find information about how to start this purpose you can use, for example, with sites offering news and commentary of short-term trends and choose the most appropriate moment to begin you need to create an account on the site then submit depozy and choose the product that interests you. Over time, you gain experience and he will find the best for themselves rules of conduct. Learn from your mistakes. This is by far the most important rule to be observed that there is no loss If you suffer failure, thoroughly analyze and answer a very simple question, which was not so sure now that the cold calculation and eliminate the influence of emotions on decisions is one of the most important features of a good earnings If you still have not found a suitable way for you to earn money, think about how to use it best. I recommend see for yourself how easy it is to read all the rules purchase shares

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