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New online booking site enters Vietnamese travel market

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    Viet Nam’s travel market is witnessing the entry of a new website,, the first of its kind for booking flight tickets, hotels and tours online.

    The website, which allows tourists to plan their trip with a few clicks of the mouse, aims to make online travel a new habit among the Vietnamese.

    Gotadi has so far integrated the flight tickets of national carrier Vietnam Airlines with those of more than 900 global airlines. It also has combined information on approximately 2,000 domestic and 400,000 international hotels, thereby enabling customers to do research and compare prices.

    The site connects airlines and hotels to offer promotions that will make bookings on flights and in hotels affordable for tourists. Site members may also check on tourist destinations, write diaries, create photograph albums of their travels and share their experiences with other members.

    Hospitality Groups (HG) Holdings developed Gotadi during a two-year period. Established in 2007, the company specialises in the management of and investments in travel services in Indochina. It now has 14 branches in Indochina, Europe and Australia.

    Source: VNA

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