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Summer on Con Dao Island

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    Con Dao - a beautiful island, that is feeling of visitor when travel in Vietnam, previously, tourists from the Mekong Delta who headed for Con Dao had to travel to HCM City first, where they could reach the final destination by air or ship. Fortunately, since June 1, they have been able to embark on a 40-minute flight, in an ATR-72 aircraft, from Can Tho to Con Dao, where they can immerse themselves in the pristine beauty of Nature and seek solace in historical and spiritual reflections.

    Visitors to Con Dao this summer will have an opportunity to glean insights into these historical spots and, at the same time, relish the plaintive cries of cicadas, the shade of ancient trees and the charm of Queen’s crape myrtles with Vietnam travel news. Meanwhile, a trip to Hang Duong Cemetery, surrounded by mountains, allows tourists to pay homage to Vo Thi Sau, a famous war heroine, and thousands of other deceased soldiers and slide into moments of contemplation and quietude.


    Visitors can also embark on a vicarious trip around Con Dao by asking tour guides for descriptions of famous scenic spots around the islands. For example, in addition to swimming, watching turtles lay eggs and diving to feast their eyes on coral reefs, tourists can visit a lighthouse constructed in 1884 on Bay Canh Islet or climb mountains and watch monkeys on Tai Islet. Egg Islet is home to a vast array of sea birds and thrives at dawn and in the sunset.

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    At Lo Voi Beach, which is endowed with dreamlike scenery, visitors can go camping when the tide rises and marvel at coral reefs when the tide ebbs. Nhat Beach, opposite the Peak of Love on Ba Islet, enables tourists to revel in the azure seawater nearby and watch the sun disappear behind the horizon every evening. Visitors can rent a motorbike at VND120,000 a day or go on a boat tour, priced at VND2.5 million each, to get in touch with Nature at its most pristine.

    The room rents hover around VND350,000/day at such guesthouses as Phi Yen or Anh Dao and around US$45-120/day at hotels like Saigon-Con Dao, Sea Travel and Con Dao Resort. These amenities are in proximity to An Hoi Beach, which is about 3km long, runs toward the southern cliff and is endowed with white sand and crystal-clear seawater. Also abundant are opportunities to savor fresh seafood, including a type of snail unique to Con Dao.

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