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Take more winning chances, Take Time to play Loose Cannon Slot Game

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    Take more winning chances, Take Time to play Loose Cannon Slot Game

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    For any slot addicted player, one of the favorite game to play on free time would be counted the highway king slot game in the list. Since the game has been designed with multi bonuses throughout the play, the largest attractive prize to challenge for and also the winning possibilities to try as well as the free game mode to practice for the beginners and the new players as well. Nevertheless, if the truck’s symbols alignment in highway king slot game is the popular one to pick, the alternative choice to learn more is this Loose Cannon Game which is developed by Microgaming, the well-known software gaming developer in the world. To guide you more on how to play and win the game, here is a guiding map to millionaire’s life.


    ⦁ Designate with various winning chances of 243 ways: This Loose Cannon Slot Game has been developed by Microgaming to be the great video slot and explore the player to the pirate adventure. By which the game has been designed with 5 reels and 243 possible wining chances. Moreover, the matching symbols can be either on the adjacent and consequently, it would of course create more payout to bet and win during playing this slot game online.

    ⦁ Enjoy the free spin and combo bonuses throughout the gameplay: Apart of exciting on the pirate adventure, the player would be falling in love with its style of sound as well as graphic on different reels. Meanwhile, the free spin bonus’s features have been inevitably to highlight as it could be triggered with 3 scatter icons on the reels either 1, 3 or 5. Once the player got this feature, he or she will automatically obtain another 15 free spins instantly.

    ⦁ Attractive payline structure to maximize winning’s possibilities: Even if the progressive jackpot has not been offered in this Loose Cannon Slot game, the player can be enjoyed with the payout of USD 75,000 through its combination of bonuses and free spin rounds. For instance, the winning possibilities can occur once the player got a wild symbol to be displayed on the 3rd reel. Or even during playing the free spin round, the wild symbol could be shown up on any positions to maximize higher payout if the player can obtain for 15 wilds on the gaming screen.

    Like the highway king slot game, the player can choose to bet in the game with the lowest wager of USD 0.01 or up to USD 0.25 for each single spin whereas the highest coin shall be limited to 5 coins only. By the way, every bet shall rely on a 30 coins wager due to the game has been upgraded for 243 possibilities of winning ways. Apparently that Loose Cannon Slot game online is the one offering various ways to win, then it is unsurprised to learn that it is the popular one to to pick and try in Microgaming casino. Therefore, if you are looking for more winning ways, now it is your turn to pick and try on luck by just click start and play Loose Cannon Slot Game online casino.

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