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The Next Big Thing (PC)

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  1. pham hac duy

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    escription: Fascinating humorous quest from the authors of the famous adventure saga Runaway, won the hearts of millions of players from all over the world. Game ?The Next BIG Thing? creation in the best traditions of the series Runaway, tell about the adventures of a couple of charismatic heroes, who unexpectedly finds himself caught up in a completely unbelievable story. Fascinating story, full of anecdotes and intrigue, the original puzzle, inimitable humor, lots of references to popular movies and television shows, excellent graphical design with the use of modern technology ... Without a doubt, ?The Next BIG Thing? - one of the most beautiful and fun adventure game the perfect gift for connoisseurs of the genre.

    * A unique graphical style, great sound system and musical accompaniment - the game can compete with the best animated film.
    * The colorful characters, including the world famous monsters and fantastic heroes kinoblokbasterov.
    * Lots of comical situations, funny riddles and puzzles that require non-trivial approach.

    System requirements:
    * Windows: XP, Vista, 7
    * Dual-Core Prozessor 2,0 GHz
    * RAM: 1 GB
    * Video: 256 mb


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