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UK travelers visiting Vietnam increases rapidly this summer

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    According to the online version of The Telegraph (UK), the number of travelers from the UK to Vietnam has rapidly increased in this summer. This is based on the result of a piece of research from UK Post Office on sale of Vietnamese currency Vietnam Dong (VND) in this nation.

    The result shows that VND stands in the first position in term of growth rate, more than 68% compared to same period last year, followed by Real of Brazil with growth rate of 60%. The outstanding growth rate promotes more VND to be purchased on travel in Vietnam.


    Explaining for this result, Andrew Brown from UK Post Office said that this might be the result of high exchange rate between VND and Euro, which means travelers from UK might be able to spend more in Vietnam than other countries. Moreover, direct flights by the national flag Vietnam Airlines operated since the last December is another motivation for tourists in the UK to explore the S-shaped country.

    Vietnam has become an ideal place to visit to international travelers thanks to its attractiveness in tourism value, as well as low budget compared to other nearby nations. That is demonstrated by a massive increase in the number of international tourists to Vietnam, from both traditional markets and new markets such as the UK or Russia.

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