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  • Việc làm online: Senior Recruitment Consultant, làm việc tại Phú Nhuận, HCM

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    1. dulieuvieclam7

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      Develop new client and keep relationship with existing client database
      Follow up client on recruitment status and support if required by client;
      Attract candidate by well preparing job description, job posting and high quality consulting service
      Screen and interview candidates
      Arrange and organize interview for candidate as requested by client
      Ensure the recruitment speed and results of assigned direct manager and clients
      Consult for client on salary range and relevant labor regulations
      Consult for candidate on salary scale, career path development and relevant labor regulations;
      Co-operate and support other consultants in providing service to clients
      At least 2 year experience in Recruitment or Sales & Customer Service field.
      Good written and spoken English, computer literacy
      Customer service oriented and result oriented
      Good at interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills
      Teamwork, supportive skills
      Liên hệ: thanhhai@dulieuvieclam.com – Ms Hải - 0938655187
      Cty kỷ Nguyên Vàng
      607 – 609 Nguyễn Kiệm, P9, Phú Nhuận

      Xem chi tiết công việc tại: http://www.dulieuvieclam.com/jobseeker/index.php?do=view_request&id=148745&print=Y
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