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Vietnam develops tourism brand

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    According to Vietnam travel news, a campaign to promote tourism started in July 2013. However, budget cuts left no funding for this campaign.

    Experts have proposed several branding ideas, such as hiring tourism representatives to work abroad, especially in major markets, and offering more tourist information at popular destinations in Viet Nam.

    Chairman of Thua Thien Hue Tourism Association Nguyen Quoc Thanh said that while building a national tourism brand was certainly necessary, the country should start building brands for major tourism companies first. Once these companies had firmly established themselves, the tourism sector as a whole would have an easier time carving out an identity.

    The action plan includes goals to develop core areas such as sea and island tourism, cultural tourism and eco-tourism. According to the plan, localities and enterprises will receive support to develop their own brands and a number of communications campaigns will promote Vietnam tourism. The plan also seeks to reduce the environmental impact of tourism activities and improve available human resources.

    Under the plan, the nation aims to attract 7.5 million foreign tourists and 37 million domestic tourists in 2015. This will draw revenue of US$10-11 billion for the tourism industry. Last year, Viet Nam received 6.85 million foreign tourists.

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