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      Hanoi Imperial Hotel is pleased to inform that Vietnam has shortlisted top 10 culinary tour that attractive street Journal Travel Guide Lonely Planet votes and referrals.

      Lonely Planet said, the best and fastest way for you to explore the cuisine of a city is engaged in a walking tour guide, which is indispensable to enjoy local specialties. Travel Tips Magazine has introduced 10 culinary tours fascinating.
      To enjoy street food in Vietnam, this site says the tour usually starts from Chau Long market, located in the old quarter of Hanoi. Journey to explore specialty indispensable street beef” Pho Bo“, “ Banh Xeo”, “ Banh Cuon”…. The culinary tour the streets of this kind usually ends at Duy Tri Café (43a Yen Phu) so visitors can enjoy a delicious coffee yogurt.
      In addition, there are many specialties from other countries also entered this list: traditional beer in Gastown, Vancouver (Canada); culinary bazaar squeezed through two continents in Istanbul, the French street food, Nice; Italian culinary heritage in North Coast, San Francisco, street food Asian street in Georgetown, Penang, Brick Lane restaurant with specialties origin Bangladesh, London; culinary street in the capital of Tasmania Hobart, street food of Mexico (Mexico City), coffee, cheese and beer in Wellington.

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