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Vietnam is in the top ten destinations for street-foods in the world

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  1. VesMax

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    Recently, Vietnamese street-foods have just been recognized in the top ten gastronomical tours of the famous online tourism magazine Lonelyplanet.

    According to Lonelyplanet, the fastest and most effective way to explore a new destination’s cuisine is to take part in walking tours around that city, with a good tour guide who may lead you to the most favorite street-food restaurants or vendors.


    Regarding tasting Vietnamese street cuisine, the magazine suggests a desirable tour may begin from Chau Long fresh market, which is located in the heart of the city, inside the Old Quarter area. On your culinary journey, Pho Bo (Pho with beef), Banh Xeo and Banh Cuon are indispensable. The final destination of the tour is recommended to be Duy Tri Coffee (No. 43A Yen Phu) where tourists may taste the unique egg coffee of Hanoi, and yogurt coffee as well.

    Besides Vietnamese street-foods, other countries’ specialties are also presented to gourmets such as: Gastown’s Beer (Vancouver, Canada); cuisine market connecting two continents in Istanbul (Turkey), French street-food, Italian traditional food in the North Sea (San Francisco), Asian street-food in Georgetown (Penang), the Brick Lane restaurant (London), Hobart’s street-foods (Tasmania), Mexican street-foods and the traditional coffee, cheese and beer of Weilington. So for some good information will help visitor international have much choise of eating and drinking when travel in Vietnam.
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    very good thing in Vietnam, foods in Vietnam very nice, i had remember tasty when eat Bun Cha

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