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Vietnam tour - Da Lat is preparing for the Flower Festival

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    From Vietnamfittour – Every year, the exhibition of flowers and plants at the flower garden of Da Lat city is one of the highlights of the Da Lat Flower Festival attract the visitor travel in Vietnam.

    Da Lat is known as the land of flowers, one of the major tourist centers of the country with the system of old mansions and unique architecture and culture. With poetic beauty, friendly and hospitable people, the city attracts a lot of domestic and foreign tourists. According to the Lam Dong Provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the province has more than 60 attractions opened for free, which are natural landscapes, ancient architectural works, religious establishments, craft villages, indigenous villages and archaeological sites. See more Vietnam tour Da Lat


    With its purpose of honoring the value of Dalat flowers and their farmers, Dalat flower festival has been organized every two years since 2005. Da Lat Flower Festival and Hong Kong Flower Show are two largest florist event in Asia region. The local authorities have recently taken a lot of measures to bring cultural activities in the tourism business and to restore many historical monuments.

    In addition to the inherent attractions such as the system of lakes, streams, waterfalls, the Provincial Museum, the flower garden, the Da Lat Railway Station ... a number of tourist spots have invested in new tourism products such as the Madagui forest village, Dambri waterfall, Love Valley, Lang Cu Lan resort, Bidoup Nui Ba National Park, Da Ron golf course, Sacom - Tuyen Lam golf courses.


    Vietnam tour Da lat flower festival

    The Cultural Tourism Week 2013 will take place in Da Lat City from December 27 to 31, with four major events: the first Asean - Vietnam UNESCO Heritage Festival, the announcement ceremony of the Central Highlands – Da Lat National Tourism Year 2014, celebrating 120 years of establishment and development of Da Lat, and the fourth Da Lat Flower Festival.

    Moreover, Dalat is also well known with its architecture including French style hotels and villas is top best hotel in Vietnam. If you plan to join the fifth Da Lat Flower Festival 2014, arrange now your accommodation to get the most romantic location and greatest discount on Vietnam tour Da Lat 4 days

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