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Vietnam visa for New Zealanders

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    Visa for Vietnam
    There are two options that applicants from New Zealand can choose to apply visa for Vietnam. The first option is to get it at the Vetnam Embassy and the second one is to apply visa online.

    These ways are applied for all New Zealanders as well as applicants from all over the world, are residing permanently in this country but are not listed in Vietnam visa exemption.

    Application of Vietnam visa for New Zealand follows the first way is the traditional way, but sometimes gives applicants some hassles at the Embassy, takes applicants who live far from the Embassy more time and money. The advice here for applicants who wish to apply visa easily and simply is to apply visa online.

    Getting visa online is done via a legitimated agent. This agent does not issue visa but it will provide applicants from New Zealand a visa approval letter. With this paperwork, applicants will obtain visa on arrival when coming to the destination airport of Vietnam.

    Below is the simple procedure to apply Vietnam visa online:

    - Go online at site, complete the secure form (remember to mark at purpose of travel on the form) and send back.

    - Pay service fee and wait two working days for Vietnam visa approval letter.

    - Print the letter out and prepare passport, photos in order to take to the destination airport.

    - Pay stamping fee, show passport, the approval letter and photos to stick visa stamp on the passport at the Immigration gates of the airport.

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