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Visiting Fruit Gardens (Miet Vuon) In Southwest Vietnam

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    [TD] Southwest of Vietnam is well-known for its limitless expanse of the rice fields, the fertile fruit gardens and the particular culinary from the local produces. Visiting the fruit and agricultural gardens is the ideal way to get away from bustling city and life concerns.
    Southwest of Vietnam is comprised of 13 provinces in Cuu Long River Delta, which has fertile deposit for the agriculture. Can Tho, Tien Giang, Vinh Long, Dong Thap are the provinces with the most productive fruit garden and farm produces. The special fruits of these places have become renowned throughout the country which are King orange, mango, durian, guava, etc. These delicious fruits can be bought at very cheap price on site and tourists can participate in harvesting the fruits as well.
    Recently, visiting fruit gardens in Southwest has become the popular tour among domestic and foreign tourists. Coming to this area, tourists can see the very original countryside with ground path, bamboo bridge, coconut range, extensive rice fields and colorful fruit garden. In addition, many activities have been added to make the tour more interesting to tourists such as fish catching, folk music performance, boat rowing, ostrich riding, etc.
    Thank to the density of live system and ideal climate condition, the food specialties in this area are mostly fishes, such as Keo Fish dishes, Elgephant Ear Fish, sour fish broth. The fish broth has become the branded dish of this area due to special culinary and ingredients from their produces. Moreover, people can find many other specialties that make this area popular, which are durian cake, coconut candy, plain rice pancake, fish sauce, etc.
    Local people in southwest are well known for their friendliness, hospitality and cooking cleverness. Therefore, tourists not only can enjoy really comfortable getaway and stress release when joining the southwestern tour.
    Beside visiting the gardens, tourists can sometimes see some local annual festivals such as Ook om bok in Soc Trang province and Ba Chua Xu festival in An Giang province. These festivals has some particular activities that fascinates both local people and tourists, such as boat rowing race, worship ceremony, folk music performance.



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