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Wonderful Lang Co Bay – real tourist trap in the Central of Vietnam

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    Recognized as one of the 30 most beautiful bay of the world by the reliable Club of the World’s Best Bays (Worldbays) in 2009, Lang Co Bay is truly an impressive destination for tourism and nature lovers from both inside and outside Vietnam.

    Lang Co bay is located in Phu Loc District in Hue Province in the central area of Vietnam, near Hai Van Pass – the longest pass of Vietnam.The bay is surrounded by grandiose green mountains and tropical forests like a shining blue crystal being protected inside. Smooth white sand and ocean-blue water of the bay spreads out 10km long that never fail to allure any tourist.

    A tour to Lang Co might even be more valuable thanks to its ideal location in the middle of famous tourist sites of Hue and Da Nang such as the Imperial City, Bach Ma National Park, Hoi An Ancient Town, Son Tra Peninsula, and Phong Nha Cave.

    In the recent years, Lang Co has been strongly invested by the local authority with numerous luxury resorts being erected as well as infrastructure development in attempt to attract more international tourists when to travel in Vietnam and reach the international standard.

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