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Workshop on planning for Quang Ninh tourism development till 2020, with a vision

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    ( Vietnamfittour ) On August. 13,in Ha Long city, the Quang Ninh Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG-America) jointly held a workshop on the planning to develop Quang Ninh tourism till 2020, with a vision to 2030 from travel in Vietnam.

    It is two months so far since the Boston Consulting Group, which was chosen by the QNPPC as the consulting group jointly worked with other revelant provincial departments in drawing the planning to develop Quang Ninh tourism. At this first phrase, the planning focuses on assessing the current state of tourism development, on which a strategic orientation and implementation plan will then be built.

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    At the workshop, BCG has asked a list of questions on various issues, namely: limitations facing Quang Ninh tourism; evaluating Chinese tourists market- one of the biggest tourist market to Quang Ninh tourism, solutions to attract tourists from this market to the province.

    Additionally, participants had a chance to study the model of Malaysian tourism development and learn from its experiences in developing tourism, such as building Quang Ninh’s tourism trademark, segmenting target markets, attracting investment in transport, enhancing the connection of aviation traffic...
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